Translation: “Exiting the Matrix: Programming, Deprogramming and Eco-systemic Reintegration”

[This is a translation to English of the original article written in Portuguese by Marcus Brancaglione. This text might not be correct, as Marcus’ writing is not exactly trivial to translate! Marcus, if you see any problems, let me know! :-)]

The way from deculturation to cosmopolitanism

I’ve said before that humanity is ruled by machines for much longer than it thinks, both materially and psychologically. We are ruled by a cult of power that manifests not only as a violence monopoly but also as the false dichotomy between state and religion, Gods and States.

This process of continuous disintegration and alienation, of norming and of schizophrenic accession to the deliriums of the collective unconscious becomes even more evident in periods of systemic crisis, where the ideological poles of the very same cult will engage in open conflict in defense of their particular prejudices. It is evident that both poles belong to the same rite that is thousands of years old; a rite that manifests both as a schizophrenic impulse to create norms and as an aggressive, obsessive-compulsive mania when its paradigms are structurally threatened.

States, as corporations that suppress societies, are not merely bureaucratic information-processing machines, but conception-processing machines too. They are machines of decognition where identities and networks of individuals are continuously disconnected and reconnected to the “central power”, the same way “dumb terminals” of computer networks are connected to a central server. The flow of information is not only controlled and watched, but the information channels, even when decentralized will continue to reproduce predetermined superstructures irrespective of the free will of any natural person. In fact, individuals will only replicate the hosts’ DNA, producing clones without even realizing that they are being used as replication machines.

The state machine automates itself evermore, not only in the computing sense, but in the psycho-social sense as it integrates itself to technical and scientific advances. And not only the computing-illiterate people that will be alienated in the future; the most alienated ones will be those who continue to ignore the cultural, juridic and/or psychological programming languages that make up the artificially separated environments of politics, economics and society. And, mainly, whoever continues to produce science and technology or any knowledge that is dissociated and depoliticized will be reproducing knowledge biased, sold out to the status quo, while pretending to be “neutral” — as if they were just mapping the natural order of things for everyone else. That forgery of reality, that fake “impartiality” or “neutrality” of depoliticized science and technology will not only compromise science itself but also the development of consciousness.

And. Considering that today we are all born into this artificial environment that is stacked over the natural one, if we want to not only survive in it but to modify it we need to understand the rules of the game. We need to understand the code of all platforms if we want to operate in them without being destroyed or neutralized. We need not only to dominate the codex of every system, but to also protect everything that is new inside its own coding, in such a way that both the destruction and the continuity of the operation of the new system imposes disruptive processes of re-naturalization — be it through technological obsolescence, be it by the decay of the facade.

Considering also that new systems are under the permanent threat of being incorporated and subverted by the old, it is necessary to protect not only the informational or symbolic nature of systems but their subversive and disruptive conditions, not only as programmatic content but systematic, constitutive of a new platform that is able to reconnect and to reintegrate to the free, natural order.

This is the genius of Basic Income, of alternative licenses of intellectual property and of Direct Democracy. They can be catalysts of the restoration of the common good. They are strategies that, in appropriating the machine’s language, of private-state culture of the alienating, manages to reproduce the natural principles that the machine tries to destroy inside of that very non-world of the alienated.

We can say that direct democracies act in the political sphere, while new forms of property, income and means of exchange act in the economic-financial sphere. But we are missing a third, fundamental field, which is of cultural domination. It is in that layer of the system that the supremacist superego, that materializes in all social relations, is formed. That cultural programming materializes the state and religions — the totalitarian incarnation of the mythology of gods and supermen.

In other words, it is necessary not only to build OpenScience, but also Libertarian Theologies and reintegrate to knowledge, beyond the old philosophy, but instead as a network of complex ideas that form different truths that neither disown the fundamental principles nor invalidate different relative perspectives, instead integrating them systematically.

That is the strategy, or better, the libertarian pedagogy that I apply in the construction of both my arguments and my social projects, and it refers both to the methodologies of social technology and of social sculpture.

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