How to Not End The System

You likely have seen this template conversation somewhere:

Person 1 :“End The System!”

Person 2: “And replace it with what, exactly, you dreamer? TINA.”

But you cannot, and will not, “End The System”(TM) by specifying what must be done instead, because what is evil about all “systems,” all candidates for The System du jour, the bodies of ideas that explain and direct all our human lives on this planet, is that they are bodies of ideas that tell us about what to do. They are white-lists. They are concepts — snapshots, caricatures, markers in the infinite, vast, shining ocean of actual life, of actual experience — trying to list what life is, and in doing so, they reduce it to the structure of concepts, effectively killing it.

We must not live in “systems,” in things that guide us, that specify what is allowed. ALL such systems are products of fear, and what fear does is limit activity to what is safe, to a controlled white-list. Living under such a “system” is to not be alive, for life is risk. It is to remain a child, afraid of death, and therefore, of also possibility, of (eternal and eternally present, really) life.

The way to End The System is to refuse the seed: refuse that there is something that must be done instead. Instead of doing that, we specify what we must not do, for our crowd-sourced, decentralized, and resonating but never quite perfectly overlapping lists of what we must not do are black-lists: they specify what our fears are, and leave all the rest of experience open.

What we must not do is Capitalism. What we must not do is to starve people on purpose. What we must not do is be thieves, robbing the people of Earth of their dividends, of their birthright: the Commonwealth of Earth. What we must not do is enforce, through expensive institutions— that are risking human habitability itself on this planet, no less — that work hard to manufacture poverty and maintain a classist, genocidal, fear-based, cruel musical-chairs society, where millions, and at some point perhaps billions, of humans drop off and die miserable deaths full of humiliation and pain.

What we do then doesn’t matter. We do something, and if that something is bad, it will also be black-listed. And we do so until we find something that works.

To live in white-list mode is to be in fear. It is to be in an emergency mode. Fear produces hierarchies, limits possibility for predictability, for guarantees, killing life to reduce the risk of life. We do that in emergencies. Our “civilizations” so far have been stuck in Emergency Mode since their inceptions, because the sociopaths figure out how to game that mode to rise and stay in power until The System these “civilizations” runs on dies and finally takes everything with them… until a new ponzi scheme is started elsewhere… and until what is taken with these badly-conceived “civilizations” is Earth habitability itself.

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