For the immediate, legal reduction of all incarceration sentences worldwide to a maximum of one (1) year for all convicted criminals that fulfill both of the following criteria:

  • Have not committed any physically violent crime;
  • Going forward, demonstrably pose no physical threat to anybody.

Let’s reduce our global, collective level of barbarity. Let’s save lives and save money. Let’s solve, in an overwhelmingly cheap, practical and politically viable way, the largest, most outrageous share of our global, legalized human rights abuse epidemic.

Prison is legalized torture. Prison is legalized murder. So it is how inmates of prisons see it and feel it — in the real prisons of this world, not the sanitized ones you see on TV shows — as their years go by and as they suffer with surveillance, humiliation, violence, disease, rape and the deprivation of their liberty for every passing hour they spend on these dungeons.

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