Universal Basic Income: Even Mark Zuckerberg became aware that everyone needs one.

Original portuguese version by Marcus Brancaglione

Very nice speech given in Harvard, but, now, just one question that i ask for everyone, specialy to the rich and the bilionaries that embrace our cause: Will you give your money or only keep talking?

To face big and significative projects is, than, the first thing that we can do to build a world where every single individual has a sense of purpose. The second thing is to redefine the equality of oportunities so that everyone can have the necessary freedom to realize their purpose. The parents of many of us had stable jobs throughout all their carreers. Now we are all entrepeneurs, wether we are starting projects our searching our role in the scheme. And this is great. It´s trough our culture of entrepeneurship that we created so much progress.
But a culture of entrepeneurship only flourishes when it´s easy to experiment, test, and try, many new ideas. The Facebook wasn´t the first thing that i created. I also made games, online chat systems, studying tools and music players (mp3). And in this i´m not alone. J.K. Rolwing was rejected 12 times before being able to finally publish Harry Potter. Even Beyonce had to compose hundreds of musics before finally making Halo. The greatest successess came from the freedom to fail.
But today, we have a level of income inequality that hurts everyone. When we don´t have the freedom to transform our ideas in historical businessess, we all lose. Today our society is excessively focused on the rewarding of success. We are far away from doing enough so that everyone can have many chances.
We have to face that. There is something wrong in our system if only a few of us can do so much and millions of students have no conditions of even paying their loans, much less of starting their own business. I know many entrepeneurs, but i don´t know a single person that had given up of starting their own business because, maybe, they wouldn´t make enough money. But i know a lot of people that didn´t chase their dreams because they hadn´t a safety net if they failed.
We all know that it´s not possible to have success only because we have a good idea or we work hard. To have luck it´s also important in order to have success. If i had had to provide my family while i was growing up and hadnd´t had the time to programm, and if i didn´t know that everything would be fine if the Facebook didn´t work, i wouldn´t be here today. If we are sincerre, we have to admit that we had much luck.
Each generation expands it´s own definition of equality. The past generations fought for the right to vote and civil rights. They had the New Deal of Roosevelt, and the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson. Now is our time do define a new social contract for our generation.
We should have a society that is able to calculate the progress not only based in economic indexes like GDP, mas also by how many of have a role that they feel it´s significative. We should explore ideas like the universal basic income, as a way to offer to everyone a safety net to try new things. We change from one job to another many times, this is why we need daycare and health insurance that are not binded to the company for wich we work. We all make mistakes. This is why we need a society that puts less energy in jailing and stigmatizing people. And, in the pace the technology evolves, we need to focus more in the continuous formation for the entire life.
And this is a fact: to offer to everyone the opportunity to chase their purpose doesn´t comes free. People like me need to finance that. Many of you will be successful and should do the same. This is why Priscilla and i lauched the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and we dedicate our fortune to the promotion of the equality of oportunities. These are the values of our generation. We never questioned ourselves if we should do that. The only question was when.
The Y genereation is one of the most dedicated to philantropy in history. In one year, three in four members of the Y generation have already made a donation, and seven in 10 have already obtained funds for charity.
But it isn´t only about money. It´s also possible to give time. I Guarantee to you that if you give one single our or two in the week, this is enough to help someone to achieve their own higher potential. We all can spare some time to help somebody. Let´s give to all the freedom to chase their purpose, not only because this is the right thing to do, but also because when more people are capable of transforming their dreams in something great, this is better for all of us.
The purpose doesn´t comes only from the work. The third way of sharing purpose with everyone is building a community. And when our generation says “everyone”, we are talking about all the persons in the world.
Raise your hands: how many of you are from another country? And how many of your are friends of these persons. Now, yes. We grow conected.
In a research with members of the Y Generation over the world, about what defines our identity, the most frequent answer wasn´t nationality, neither religion, or ethnicity, it was citizen of the world. This is very important.
 Each generation expands the circle of persons that it defines as “one of us”. For us, this is the entire world.
We understand that the arch of the history of humanity converges to the union between the individuals in ever bigger numbers — from tribes, to cities, to nations — to achieve things that we aren´t able to do alone. We understand that our opportunities are now global: we can be the generation that will end poverty and disease. We undestand that our greatest challanges also need global answers: no single country can fight alone against the climatic changes or prevent pandemic contamination. Progress now requires the union of not just cities or nations, but of an entire global community.
But we live in unstable times. There is people left for dead by globalization in the entire world. It´s hard to care for people in other places if we don´t feel with our lives where we are. This creates the pressure for us to focus only in ourselves. This is the conflict of our time. The forces of freedom, of openess and global community against the forces of authoritarianism, of isolationism and nationalism. Forces that stand for the free flux of information, commerce and immigration against those that would like to slow them. This is not a battle between nations, it´s a battle between ideas. In all countries there are persons in favor of global connection and good people against it. And this isnt´going to be decided in the UN. This will happen in the local level, when the a sufficient number of us feels that whe have a purpose and stability in our own lifes to the point of being able to open ourselves and start caring for all other persons. The best way to do that is to start building local communities right now.”


I have nothing against him, but everything against the Facebook. But i dont mix my vision and opinion about the world with the defese of the humanitarian cause, so, i commend the guy’s speech. And i acknowledge that it ( the speech), is very tuned with the cosmopolitanism and the activism that i´ve been preaching, many times in the desert, about an International Basic Income. Now, let’s see if it´s only an academic speech for academics, or if he is really going to do something practical, if he will do some “historical enterprise” and go to the frontline in that wich he himself defined as “our time do define a new social contract for our generation”.

Now Imake a challange inside the terms he himself defined as “the first thing we can do to build a world where all have a sense of purpose”, and the second thing, in truth, to make already two-in-one, “To face big and significative projects” and, at the same time “redefine the equality of opportunities so that everyone can have the necessary freedom realize their purpose”.


Even better, he doesn´t even need to do. If he wants to buy or copy something already finished and working, the ReCivitas can sell the Basic Income Startup for you. We don´t even sell, we donate. It´s a public compromise, we donate to the Zuck all our knowledge and social technology developed, at zero cost, for free, is he just agree to compromise himself to put the billions that he generally pays to acquire competitors, in the payment of an universal basic income that is truly cosmopolitan as he preached in his speech. So, what´s up, do you have deal?

The social security net as a social enterprise starting as a local movement is already done, it only needs capital and be put to grow. If he doesn´t want, he doesn´t even need to give credit, only to copy…, you copy it right i can guarantee that the result is practically the same and that is everything that matters.

That would be the day!
 The project is still going , and very well, thank you. And soon it will finnaly start to expand ( with the misery of just our own resources ), whithout waiting Zuck, the savior of the nation, the second coming of Jesus, neither Santa Claus. Those who want to “expand their own definition of equality” and “write the new social contract for our generation”, “by giving to all the freedom to realize their purpose” doesn´t need to be rich to make a great deal more that many billionaries, all donatios are wellcome.


Oh, and yeah, a great hug to the frieds from all the world that in those 10 years have helped us to build this community.