Accelerating Smart Manufacturing

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Effective digital transformations are business-backed and business-led. The widespread adoption and understanding of the latest manufacturing technologies like cloud, IIoT and other 4IR technologies are helping companies to accelerate and scale existing operations, rethink customer service and reinvent business model to survive and thrive in the new normal. Given the benefits, making ERP and IIoT play together should be a top priority in your plant. To make enterprise systems more intelligent, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) is now helping connect machines to systems to access and process data in real-time.

Join this panel discussion to learn how to succeed in scaling digital manufacturing for advanced visibility and integration. Redesigning and digitally transforming your operations and supply chains is the way forward. The experts will highlight the role of technologies in protecting your business against a wider and more acute range of potential shocks and disruptive events and gaining a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Developing smart manufacturing ecosystems to accelerate digital transformation and drive results in the next normal
  • Making full use of the potential of technologies to achieve operational excellence and reduce cost
  • Unlocking the power of cloud and IIOT to manage change and capitalise on future opportunities
  • Orchestrating the recovery of Supply Chains — How can organisations respond and thrive?


YT Chin
Senior Director SSD Operations
Western Digital

Nat Arjun
Former Vice President & GM, Manufacturing Cluster — Bangkok & Malaysia
Mattel, Malaysia

Matthew Addley moderator
Senior Director, Industry and Solution Strategy



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