Actionable forecasts and data insights for resilient finance functions in 2021

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Your historical data may no longer be relevant. The COVID 19 period has rendered not only many standard working processes and assumptions about business norms outdated, but has introduced uncertainties to how businesses will view the financial data they rely upon.

Join this webinar to zero in on the best strategies for planning, budgeting and forecasting going forward. Predict the new levels of demand and discuss how to boost revenue through digital businesses before leaving the session with a concrete plan to take stock, enhance your processes and move forward.

Why will CFOs have this focus as the year moves towards the fourth quarter and the world of business continues to adapt to the new normal? To drive all important value and maintain the finance function’s position as an advocate for business and digital transformation.

The online event will focus on:

  • Bringing crucial data in line with current needs
  • Forging new paths for the tech savvy CFO to add value
  • Developing key strategies to stay current and on top of budgeting and forecasting
  • Predicting demand and boosting revenue without suffering further disruption
  • Creating a resilient financial organisation with data driven decision making


  • Sim Siew Shan, Chief Financial Officer, AirAsia Berhad
  • Shiva Dhewar, Sales Director, Asia, PMsquare
  • Faye Kuik, Senior Consultant, PMsquare



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