Addressing the Nation’s Housing Challenges through ESG Real Estate Investing

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As we transition back into society, the challenges of the last year have caused us to redefine our sense of ‘normal.’ We must adapt our lives to succeed in a world that has changed forever. We must now consider the future when making decisions about the present. To that end, we all need to re-examine how we view our investments.

Today, investors are seeking opportunities based on environmental impact, social benefits, and long-term viability in an evolving world with fair, balanced, and transparent governance practices. Now more than ever, you don’t have to sacrifice your principles for profit or more specifically, a return on investment.

Join us for the fourth instalment in our series on ESG Real Estate investing. This webinar will concentrate on one of the most significant social issues that real estate can address — the need to deliver new, quality home construction in locations that working families would like to live at prices they can afford.

In this panel discussion we will analyze:

· In-depth analysis of the current housing landscape

· Demographics and trends regarding the “missing middle” that is not being addressed

· Disruption of the traditional home building model through the integration of modern manufacturing techniques

· Utilize an ESG approach to measure positive impacts on society, while mitigating risk factors to provide better overall financial performance

· The end result? Impacting society while making significant profit and investor returns


Cecil Phillips, Chairman and CEO, Place Properties, L.P.

Scott Levy, Partner, Prehmus Financial Partners

Alan Solon, CEO, EcoVest Capital



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