Administering a Digital Solution: Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Enhance Trial Efficiency

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In an era filled with technological advancements, pharmaceutical companies have significant opportunities for evolution. The highly data-driven industry has, over the years, seen a tremendous explosion in its stream of patient data. With the wealth of data available, leveraging predictive analytics can guarantee a better understanding of patient trends and behaviors. Powerful artificial intelligence technologies have emerged, enabling study teams to better analyze and mine these data sets. Join this panel of experts who will share thought-provoking insights on predictive analytical tools that can augment the trial process.

A framework for action:

· Accelerating the use of predictive analytics to streamline clinical trials

· Identifying the link between analytics and patient behavior

· Addressing privacy considerations and other challenges

Dr. Rich Christie, Chief Development Officer, AiCure

Kyle Holen, MD, Head, Development Design Center, AbbVie

Alexandria Wise-Rankovic, PhD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development, Syneos Health



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