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Why this Webinar:

The banking industry was experiencing an unprecedented period of growth prior to Covid 19. In a matter of weeks, there has been a lot of disruption in the banking that will change everything that had been the norm in financial services. There has not only been a major change in the way financial institutions conduct business, but in the way employees do their work and the way consumers manage their finances.

The nuances and expectations of the back office is growing more complex from day to day. Banks worldwide are reimagining the back office to reduce redundancies, streamline operations and ensure their staff can focus on high-value tasks to deliver faster, more flexible service to your clients. With back-office processes hampering the front-end experience and ability to innovate, banks need to use this time of disruption to reinvent themselves from the inside out. It is a time to better understand the way consumers expect their financial institution to augment operational efficiency and how best can banks leverage data, AI, technology and human resources to streamline operations and deliver the optimal experience.

This webinar will discuss how banks can leverage RPA and AI in optimising your back office efficiency, advance agility and scalability, workforce optimisation whilst realising instant cost savings over time. Join us and hear from senior-level experts about the latest trends and best practice approaches to enhance your back office operations and transformation.

Webinar Agenda Includes:

  • Reimagining back office post Covid 19.
  • How the back office function will evolve over time.
  • How bank offices will cope in the ‘new normal’ situation
  • Areas banks need to delve into to ensure optimal functioning of the back office.
  • Back office operations digitalisation and outsourcing assessing business opportunities for underwriting in these emerging areas.


  • Jaishankar Srinivasan Managing Director, Group COO at Deutsche Bank Singapore
  • Kirill Petropavlov AI Innovation at Bank of Singapore
  • Neeraj Lal Head-Operational and Technology Risk at Axis Bank
  • Sridhar Thangavelu Head of Banking Operations at Avaloq Sourcing Asia Pacific



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