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The construction ecosystem has witnessed accelerated disruption and a shift to a “new normal”. Ensuring better collaboration across the construction industry is the key to higher productivity and greater stability. With technology paving the way for improved collaboration on projects, it is crucial to leverage digital solutions such as BIM to enable the construction industry to maximise collaborative approaches to working.

Digital solutions such as BIM offer a host of benefits including better communication, better cost estimation, earlier project visualisation, risk reduction, improved productivity, stronger facility management and building handovers. Teams forge better collaboration across supply chains to ensure all parties come on board early in the project and have access to the right information, at the right time. Through the execution of a clear BIM strategy, large savings during the design and procurement stages can be achieved. It is crucial to ensure that BIM is fully integrated with other areas of project management to enable sharing of information across the supply chain thereby eliminating data duplication and bottlenecks. BIM allows owners and operators to create a virtual 3-D model with precise transparency on all components to enhance efficiency, facilitate seamless communication, as well as, reduce maintenance costs.

Augmenting efficiency and integrating the design phase with the rest of the value chain by using BIM to create a full three-dimensional model (a “digital twin”) will materially change risks and the sequence of decision making in construction projects. Organisations need to move fast to adapt and create a new industry structure to prepare for a future that will differ radically from the present. Industry leaders have emphasized the need for drastic change is greater today than it was few years ago. Disruption has started to occur at scale and the sector needs to leverage new digital technologies to speed up its process.

This webinar will discuss how organisations must change and adapt their strategies, business models and operating models to effectively manage industry disruption. They will need to put the enablers in place to survive in the new world and choose their own transformation approach by investing in on-site automation, digitisation of processes and end-to-end adoption of BIM. Join us and hear from senior-level experts about the latest trends and best practice approaches to enhance your construction productivity.


  • Ewan Carmichael Digital Delivery Lead, Mott MacDonald, Hong Kong
  • Michael YIP, Technology Lead, PTW Architects, Australia
  • Tushar Nath Digital Innovation Officer Soilbuild Construction Group, Singapore
  • Atit Patel, Senior Vice President (APAC), Asite Solutions



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