Building a Digital Bank Successfully

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The digital banks are making a permanent impact on the market, driving innovation and competition and setting the benchmark for incumbent. Being prepared for the opportunities that arise with the digital transformation of banking is of paramount importance. Digital banks hold great potential and have been ramping up their capabilities in a significantly faster pace and are notably stronger today, challenging the privileged access and relationships traditional transaction banks currently enjoy with their clients. The verdict is clear, banks can either seek to gain the first-mover advantage or remain on the sidelines and be forced to play catch up eventually.

Join us to understand the evolving digital landscape and to discuss the right strategic choices to build a digital bank to enhance profitability, achieve a sustainable business model with a lasting positive impact on customers as well as to develop a structured approach a solid business plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Developing a unique value proposition, viable business plan and a lean operating model to deliver the exceptional customer experience
  • Empowering an efficient execution by combining people, processes, technology and regulations
  • Mapping the transformation journey to identify potential inefficiencies, complexities and gaps
  • Achieving resiliency through innovation
  • Exploring the regulatory frameworks in place to regulate digital banks
  • Leveraging customer acquisition, operational excellence, people management and financial management to scale a digital bank


  • Alex Bakir, GM Europe, Rewire, Netherlands
  • Arvid Swartsenburg, Head of Partnerships & Strategy, TMRW Digital Group, Singapore
  • Jeroen de Bel, Co-founder, Fincog
  • Oleg Patsianskiy, Head of Digital Banking and Payments, BPC Banking



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