Capturing, Extracting, and Successfully Converting Data Into structured, Usable Information Through IDP

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It is common knowledge that organizations still use documents as their major source of data input for important business processes. But to be able to properly process the unstructured and semi-structured data these documents entail requires knowledge workers to manually enter data, and perform exception management and quality checks, making this a bulky, time-consuming, and costly procedure. To be able to identify the correct tools for automation processes to fit the needs of your business is therefore a very important task in successfully driving digital transformation across all channels.

Join us on this 60min interactive webinar, where experts from The Northern Trust Corporation, Everest Group, Arch Insurance Group Inc. and Datamatics analyze the best strategies to identify the correct tools for automation processes, the pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

Learning Objectives:


Matthew Kelly
Senior Vice President of Digital & Automation
The Northern Trust Corporation

Anil Vijayan
Everest Group

Usha Rao
Vice President
Arch Insurance Group Inc.

Shashi Bhargava
EVP & Head — Intelligent Automation Solutions & Products



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