Capturing Shifting Market Share with Dynamic Pricing

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The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the B2B sales process in a matter of months. Seven in ten Australian purchasing professionals say they are shifting wallet share for reasons that include competitive pricing and supply availability. With this much volatility and market pressure, it is challenging to maintain profitability and protect pricing. Now more than ever, businesses need the data-driven, pragmatic leadership of pricing teams to help them respond to the changing demands of buyers and capture shifting market share. In this session, you’ll hear how pricing leaders are leaning into today’s challenges with resilience and agility to strengthen their businesses from within despite unpredictable external conditions.

The online event will focus on:

  • Why your business needs your pricing leadership now more than ever
  • The key elements to pricing for resiliency through market volatility
  • How to support sales teams in proactively responding to shifting customer perceptions of value
  • What it takes to maintain competitive, market relevant prices for digital channels


  • Thushendra Naidoo, Pricing & Trading Terms Manager ANZ, PPG Industries
  • Marcus Healy, Head of Revenue Management, Carlton & United Breweries
  • Haley Glasgow, Head of Strategic Consulting and Alliances APAC, PROS
  • Valerie Howard, Solution Strategy Director, PROS



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