Cloud Native Data Hub for Industries 4.0: Unifying Data & Processes to Build Smart Cohesive Digital Platforms

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With evolving customers, there has been a growing need for a digital thread to unify disparate systems while adhering to strict security standards. As a result, industries are now moving towards technologies that can help them build smart cohesive digital platforms which can help them achieve their goals of Industries 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

Join this insightful 60-minutes webinar and hear more from key experts as they delve further into streamlining techniques to unify data and processes across PLM, ERP and MES in line with theDigital Thread Program.

During this webinar we will cover:

· Current Challenges with Disparate Systems

· Addressing the Challenges with Cloud, DevSecOps & Digital Thread

· Use Cases — How are Industries benefiting from Confluent Adoption

· Success Story — Cloud Native Composite Portal for a defense & aerospace technology company


Tim Hyde, Partner Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Harish Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, CIGNEX



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