Converging Technology with a New Digital Culture to Propel Business Innovation, Foster Growth and Enhance Future-Proof Organizations

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Beyond automation or execution of the latest tools and platforms, an effective digital transformation requires a precise incorporation of new technologies into operations aiming to fundamentally elevate the company’s methods and procedures. Focusing on providing exceptional value to all individuals impacted by internal and external activities of the organization, and not merely on using cutting-edge technology, is paramount to achieving digital transformation as a strategy that will shape growth around new possibilities. However, to succeed in this evolution, it is imperative to rewrite old business processes and create a new organizational approach.

Learning Objectives:


Kuumar Manu Associate Director, Digital Transformation at Otis Elevator Co.

Amit Mittal Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Transformation Executive at US Bank

Santosh Rajput Senior Vice President at Movate, formerly CSS Corp



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