Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy

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Crypto assets and blockchain technology are revolutionary. From banking to finance to governance, these technologies are changing the way we work. Since they have been introduced, they have always been of interest to investors, and now technology is converging with crypto currencies, with robotics, IOT, and AI all coming together creating a move towards autonomous business.

Join this exclusive webinar as a panel of experts discuss the importance of the crypto space. They will examine strategies on how to structure a fund, and the experience of investing in crypto funds.

Key Learning Points:

· Structuring crypto funds long term to bring returns to investors

· Benefitting from the wide spectrum of crypto assets that are available

· How crypto is enabling a move towards self-driving businesses, to create completely automated systems, and creating opportunities for ROI


Robert Hefner V, Director, Coury Family Office

Jake Ryan, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Tradecraft Capital LLC

Maureen Charles, Writer/Editor,

James Diorio, Jr., Principal and CEO, TRADECRAFT Capital



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