CX Reimagined Series 2: Customer Data Strategies for enabling CX Success.

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Customer data is critical for successful CX strategies. The combination of data with emerging technology enables organisations to create more effective campaigns and connections with their customers.

In a recent study, CX leaders globally identified data integration, integrity, and enrichment technologies as their number one investment priority. For data to have an impact, you need to use the insights you gain to create actions that enhance the customer experience.

A CX focused data strategy allows you to engage customers with content that’s appropriate for the time, the place, and the individual

Join this webinar on how you can turn your customer data into a customer experience goldmine

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of data and its intersection with technology to enable CX
  • Re-aligning your customer data strategy around the customers’ journey
  • Building customer trust by ensuring data integrity
  • Fostering a data-driven approach and culture
  • Managing data complexity, siloes and integration


Wadim Schreiner
Head of Customer First & Customer Insights
Woolworths, NZ

Kenny Ong
Astro Media Solutions (AMS)

Edward Bell
GM Brand, Insight & Marketing Communications
Cathay Pacific

Stanley Tan — moderator
Commercial Director APAC



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