Deal or No Deal: Strategies and Tactics for Settlement Negotiations in a Virtual World

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Why this Webinar

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our world in countless ways. For companies trying to resolve claims and conflict, the traditional in-person resolution process has been completely upended.

Access to the courthouse limited. Navigating a new process comes at a time when there is a particular interest in getting conflicts resolved so companies can concentrate their attention on the more fundamental challenges they are facing. We are having to adapt settlement negotiation strategies accordingly. Whether negotiations should occur before or after a suit is filed, should proceed formally or informally, involves the consideration of tactics and psychology that can be the key to success. How to consider these factors and conduct your negotiations “remotely” but still effective is an additional hurdle.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Different methods and considerations in settlement negotiations
  • How to recognize and use different strategies to achieve favourable outcomes
  • Unique challenges to virtual negotiations while shelter-in-place and limited face-to-face contact is the new normal


Joanna Salinas Managing Partner at Fletcher Farley



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