Decentralized Supply Approach Post-COVID CTSM Chaos: Adopting Lessons Learnt for Global Supply Strategies

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The pandemic accelerated decentralized clinical trial design bringing therapies to patients’ homes, however various reports and statistics confirm global supply management using a historical centralized distribution approach suffered severe impacts due to COVID.

The impact was mostly surrounding kitting, ancillaries and equipment, which are critical to administering IMP and drawing specimens at local site level. IMP to a certain extent was less impacted with careful planning, other than disruption to airline flight schedules. Will sponsors and CRO’s revert to old CTSM ways, or has COVID revolutionized clinical trial study design forever in a post-pandemic world?.

  • Determining whether organizations will revert to old CTSM ways with pre-COVID challenges.
  • Pinpointing the biggest CTSM challenges which were compounded by COVID.
  • Analysing how COVID has revolutionized CTSM distribution strategies.
  • Discussing the innovation and efficiencies COVID brought to the fore.
  • Sarah Bird Vice President, Clinical Development at IM Therapeutics
  • Jill Kearney, MBA Global Operations Head, Oncology Early Development Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • Andrew Billimore Executive Vice President SanaClis



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