Delivering a Secure and Robust Code Scanning Infrastructure

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The significant push to accelerate digital transformation has meant organisations have had to redouble their efforts to build resilience around their existing infrastructure. As a result, the adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has accelerated making it an essential part of the tool chains and workflows of most organisations. However, this comes with greater security, compliance, and configuration risks.

Join us as some of the region’s leading IT experts from companies including Moula, Greater Western Water, NSW Government and Checkmarx address the opportunities and challenges security as code poses and understand how these leading organisations are leveraging it as a control backbone and the automation engine to reduce costs and deliver more robust IT security and meet continually increasing compliance standards.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the benefits of mapping out changes to code and infrastructure
  • Discovering cost-effective frameworks to add security checks and test gateways
  • Discussing the challenges with CI/CD integration
  • How Static Application Security Testing (SAST) help build resilience?
  • Demo on KICS (Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure)


Charles Gillman — moderator
Head of Information Security

Anafrid Bennet
Manager, IT & Security Operations
Greater Western Water, Australia

Asaf Ahmad
NSW Government, Australia

Mark Priebatsch
Regional Director Australia & New Zealand

Michael Pogrebisky
Software Security Engineer and Technical Territory Manager



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