Driving Patient Centricity beyond the Pandemic

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Before COVID-19, the trend towards patient and site centricity was slowly gaining momentum. Now, what was 2030 planning was thrust into the present with little time to react. As patients quickly became the center of every conversation, there was a catalyst towards accelerating innovation. Drugs needed to be shipped directly to patient homes. Telemedicine reduced the need for in-person visits. Communication between sites, patients, sponsors and supply partners increased. How can we capitalize on what we’ve learned? What must change in our trial design and our site, patient and trial partner interactions? This webinar will provide insight into COVID-19’s impact on patient and site centricity and will challenge us to maintain this momentum.

- Rapid adoption of Direct-to-Patient trials

- Innovation at the site level

- Impact on patient participation; adherence

- Changes in future trial designs

- Championing positive lessons learned and initiatives


- Anne Marie L. Inglis, PhD, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

- Neta Bendelac, Senior Director, Strategy, 4G Clinical



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