Enabling CX Innovation

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Innovating and truly differentiating the customer experience is crucial, if organisations are to stay ahead of competition and disruptive forces. Meaningful CX is key to the sustainable growth of an organisation’s competitive potential, and innovation is vital to address this.

A key element of delivering excellent CX is mining massive amounts of data for the precise information needed to deliver personalised customer care, business agility, and innovation, while creating ecosystems of customer insights and engagement.

Doubling down on innovations and data-driven customer insights is key in today’s landscape, to drive both resilience and growth. Join our industry experts in this webinar to deconstruct the DNA of CX innovation, to be in tune with the latest trends and therefore ahead of the game.

Learning Objectives:

  • Shift your go-to-market CX strategies and accelerate your digital transformation journey
  • Enable customers by facilitating a more seamless, omnichannel, self-service experience
  • Marry CX insights with user-centred design methods


Wadim Schreiner
Head of Brand
Woolworths, NZ

Kenny Ong
Astro Media Solutions (AMS)

Edward Bell
GM Brand, Insight & Marketing Communications
Cathay Pacific

Stanley Tan
Commercial Director APAC



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