Ensuring Long Term Success at Senior Care Residences Through Efficient Staffing and Improved Quality of Care

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Providing high-quality, efficient care to residents is now more important than ever for facilities to maintain occupancy levels and continue generating revenue. In addition, managing the workloads of personnel is critical for staff retention, to avoid costly turnover and other related expenses. Implementing systems to assist staff in the delivery of high-quality care, as well as those to assist in the efficient management of staff workloads, can prove largely beneficial for residents, staff and management alike.

Join this interactive forum to discuss:

  • Effective systems for providing high-quality care and efficient workload management
  • Ensuring residents are receiving necessary levels of responsiveness and attentiveness
  • Managing the workloads of personnel to prevent overload and the associated benefits


  • Margaret Ann Wylde, PhD
    ProMatura Group, LLC
  • Steven Buslovich, MD, CMD, MS
    Co-Founder / CEO
    Patient Pattern Kaleida Health
  • Brooke McLean
    President / CEO
    Air Force Enlisted Village
  • Anne Broda
    Director of Sales
    Cornell Communications



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