Establish effective control over the data lifecycle to enhance climate risk management and sustainability

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Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly focused on assessing and mitigating their climate-related risks, partly due to the recent regulatory attention in this issue within the UK and Europe. In order to establish an effective climate risk programme, it is necessary for firms to have access to, and effectively utilise, relevant internal and external data. There are key challenges involved in this across the data lifecycle, encompassing elements like sourcing, data quality, taxonomy, and reporting. Instituting effective data management, including through improved access to the right high-quality and accurate data as well as an ability to define its scope and relevance, will aid FIs in their overall climate risk management. This can allow them to meet regulatory expectations as well as increase their competitive advantage and resiliency moving forward.

Learning Objectives

· Comprehend the key challenges faced in sourcing and cleaning up climate-related data

· Institute a common data taxonomy and implement effective internal and external reporting of climate risk metrics

· Improve the handling of climate data across its lifecycle by instituting effective monitoring and controls

· Use effective data management to develop an effective climate risk programme which meets regulatory expectations


· Emily Mumford, Stress Testing Analyst — Director at Bank of America

· Andy Ruocco Head of Climate Data and Technology at NatWest

· Pablo Orvananos, Sustainability Consulting Lead at Hitachi Vantara

· Suranjan Som, Vice President Financial Services, Hitachi Vantara Digital Solutions, EMEA



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