Examining the Impact of Employee Mental Health and Wellness on Ergonomic Injury

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Ergonomic injury has been and remains a significant source of risk for most businesses. Though many parts of the workforce have recently adapted to offsite or remote working arrangements, this change only made the management of ergonomic safety more complex. Employee health and safety have remained a top priority for employers despite the shift of some workers toward remote work, and many employers have begun to adopt proactive solutions that aim to provide consistent wellness and ergonomic support regardless of where workers do their jobs. At the same time, the connections between mental health and workplace safety have come into focus, and employers are increasingly looking to provide mental health support that staves off the increased injury risks that come with workers experiencing depression or anxiety. As employers look to the future and strive to keep injury rates low, it is essential to reframe mental health and physical safety as integrated issues that require integrated solutions. Employers that tackle this challenge with initiatives informed by a total worker approach will continue to reap the rewards.

In this complimentary online seminar, we will explore the connections between mental health, overall wellness, and ergonomic injuries, and discuss how interventions to support mental health and wellness can positively impact efforts to mitigate ergonomic injury. We will discuss:

Learning Objectives:

  • The future of employee health and safety through an integrated, holistic approach
  • The correlation between injury protection and total worker health
  • The impacts of stress and other mental health challenges on injury rates
  • Strategies for developing comprehensive safety programs for hybrid workforces


  • Robert A. Mines, Ph.D., Chairman & Chief Psychology Officer
    Mines and Associates (MINES)
  • Tim McGraw, Group Head of HSE and Security — VP, Global
    Smiths Group plc
  • Kevin Lombardo, President and CEO
    DORN Companies




We reflect on some of our best online events and reveal valuable and tangible insights on trending topics across a variety of industries.

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marcus evans online events

marcus evans online events

We reflect on some of our best online events and reveal valuable and tangible insights on trending topics across a variety of industries.

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