Experts Share with Experts: Clinical Trials Post Covid-19

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Why this Webinar:

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to cause disruption globally, the burden of the pandemic has heavily fallen on the pharmaceutical industry while forcing them to crisis manage their ongoing clinical trials.

Keeping the trials on track is key for both sponsors and CROs alike. No single company can defeat the turbulence alone as innovation and collaboration have the broader potential to transform clinical operations. Renowned experts will share the challenges they are faced with, the innovative approaches they are taking and discuss the lessons learned in these unprecedented times.

Webinar Agenda Includes:

  • Analysing the role of digital technologies and their ability to accelerate future clinical studies.
  • Shedding light on the tailor-made strategies implemented for different trials.
  • Highlighting the vital role of the use of safety kits and the direct-to-patient model.


  • Elvira Klissourska Global Head Clinical Operations at Fresenius Kabi
  • Gemma Estrada Bertran Director of Digital Health and Technologies Ferrer
  • Alexander Fetkovsky Senior Managing Partner, Member of the Board SanaClis



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