Exploring Transformational Journey Mapping for ACOs, Providers, Payers and Other Healthcare Organizations

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A journey map provides a holistic and graphical overview of the various touch points a customer has with healthcare services. It pinpoints potential user experience, security and reliability issues; in addition to identifying each stage that may lead to a positive or negative experience. This often exposes pain points and opportunities for improvement in many other areas along the entire user journey — not just for external consumers, but the overall impact on the business along with its people processes and systems.

Our panel of experts will discuss how making important decisions can act as a catalyst for idea sharing and generation. They will also examine the journey through key connections between employees, ACO providers, payers and patients/members.

Learning Objectives

• Describing how journey mapping fits within large technological processes

• Aligning journey map scenarios that builds empathy and trust

• Uncovering customer engagement, big data and regulation challenges

• Enhancing the needs of the provider and patient expectations


Craig Nishizaki, Head of Business, UpTop Health

Deborah Roberts, Senior UX Designer, UpTop Health

Sunil Budhrani, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer, Innovation Health

Muhammad Siddiqui, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Technology Strategy & Roadmap Planning, International Medical Center



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