From Timing and Price to Valuations & Legalisation: Uncovering Lessons Learned from Investing in Cannabis

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Cannabis investing has caught many family offices off guard, on the sidelines, or in just one or two underperforming cannabis investments. It doesn’t need to be that way. As the industry continues to explode, it is critical for investors to effectively navigate the opportunities and pitfalls, in order to make winning investment decisions. Join a revered cannabis CEO, a seasoned family office manager, a veteran cannabis industry reporter, and the founder of one of the longest-running cannabis venture funds in the industry as they unpack what they’ve learned from investing their time and capital in the cannabis industry. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Where do investors get it wrong
  • The top myths about the cannabis industry
  • What should one expect as returns for the various cannabis asset classes


  • Alex Bates, CFA, CAIA Director of Investments at St. Louis Trust & Family Office
  • Nancy Whiteman Chief Executive Officer at Wanna
  • Javier Hasse Managing Director at Benzinga
  • Morgan Paxhia Co-Founder & Managing Director at Poseidon Investment Management, LLC
  • Patrick Rea Managing Director at Poseidon Investment Management, LLC



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