Future-proof Enterprise Transformation with Applied AI

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Future-proof Enterprise Transformation with Applied AI

Artificial intelligence adoption is at an interesting juncture — as it graduates from consumer AI, towards enterprise-grade AI. This shift also marks the second inflection point for AI. As AI re-shapes businesses, delivers perceptive experiences and guides decisions, companies around the world are starting to realize that value from AI can bring them a competitive advantage.

However, most organizations, especially the traditional ones, are challenged with integrating AI with their core, lack strategies and tools to enable enterprise-wide adoption, and are unable to generate value from AI at scale. There are also data challenges. What organizations need is a comprehensive approach and a defined roadmap.

Join us for this virtual event as we discuss how organizations can future-proof and efficiently scale AI investments enterprise-wide while managing and minimizing the risks.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover value and ready-to-deploy AI solutions across the value chain
  • How to “future-proof” and efficiently scale AI enterprise-wide
  • Managing the reputational and performance risks associated with AI adoption


  • N.T. Arunkumar
    Country Managing Director (India) & Head of Innovation Global Business Services
  • Kirill Petropavlov
    Vice President — Technology, Data & Innovation
    Deutsche Bank, Singapore
  • Avantika Jain
    Regional GM, Demand
  • Jacob Koshy
    Head of Sales Asia Pacific for AI and Automation Services



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