Go Beyond Panel Discussion: CFO Digital Imperative

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2021 promises to be an epic year for CFOs and the companies they lead. They are optimistic about the future and ready to modernise their finance teams. CFOs are now taking the lead on digital transformation projects by proposing and identifying solutions as well as evaluating, selecting, implementing and monitoring. They have been more frequently relied on to deliver real-time, accurate, granular data to their CEOs and board members in the wake of Covid-19. CFOs have a lot on their plate; emerging competitors, shifting demographics, rising customer expectations and changing regulations which are buffeting the industry to embrace digital adoptions. Rapid delivery of emerging technologies had already become a business imperative and finance leaders are increasingly working to find new ways to fund business-critical tech initiatives as well as making sure that they have access to the talent and skills necessary to execute and win.

Join us to determine the CFOs priorities and agenda and understand how technologies can enable them to achieve their objectives as well as help them to simplify workflows, drive efficiencies, ensure compliance and navigate regulatory changes efficiently.

Webinar Agenda Includes:

  • Driving bold, cohesive and innovative strategies to accelerate the digitalisation of finance
  • Re-inventing corporate reporting — Putting in place robust processes for real-time reporting to drive long-term value
  • Ensuring Business continuity in the new normal by investing in right tech at the right time
  • Setting out for successful upskilling to accelerating digital workforce transformation
  • Expanding your perspective with trusted and actionable data-driven insights for extraordinary results


Rohan Persaud, Country Manager, ANZ, CCH Tagetik

Francoise Merit, Chief Financial Officer, Endeavour Energy, Australia

Rohan Liyanage, CFO Pacific, Signify (Philips Lighting), Australia

James Welsh, Head of Projects and Change for Finance, Corporate and Institutional Bank & Treasury, National Australia Bank



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