Going Beyond “Lift and Shift” — Getting the Most Out of the Cloud

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What are you waiting for? Is your IT department driving business agility for your company from the cloud, or have you only done the barest minimum and still not taken full advantage of all the cloud has to offer? There are tremendous benefits you can gain by going beyond just “lifting and shifting” your infrastructure to the cloud, but there are also best practices for doing it. In this panel discussion, we will address the different methodologies of cloud migration, and describe how you can migrate to the cloud in a way that not only minimizes your costs but as importantly achieves new capabilities and other benefits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why many companies have not fully committed to the cloud, and the benefits they are missing out on because of it.
  • A deep dive into the different types and levels of cloud migration, and the pros and cons for each.
  • A discussion around effective modernization strategies which include re-platforming and containerization, and technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker, and how you can utilize them.
  • Real-life examples from participating companies who have migrated to the cloud and undergone digital transformation, and their experiences and input.


  • Sambit Ghosh Senior VP, Cloud Applications at Datavail
  • Sandeep Mehta Chief Technology Officer at The Hartford
  • Sumit Mondaiyka Vice President Information Technology at Liberty Bank
  • Daniel Conroy Chief Technology Officer — Digital at Raytheon Technologies



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