Growth Equity Meets Deep Value: Exposure to High-Growth Companies via the Structured Private Secondary Market

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Growth Equity

Investing within an environment where valuations are easily triggered by both external factors and related market cycles, the venture capital investment industry is traditionally the “high-risk/high-return” segment of an alternative investment portfolio. Incorporating an approach that is capable of providing a compelling risk-return-horizon alternative to the current venture equity model while, at the same time, securing attractive returns is paramount.

This panel discussion will introduce you to a deep value secondary market approach to late-stage venture capital investing that provides exposure to the fastest growing companies in the world, without the traditionally associated risks.

Join us for a dynamic, novel and thought-provoking conversation on utilizing a structured, alternative approach to making investments and enhancing your portfolio metrics.

Agenda Includes:

  • Highlighting the benefits and attractiveness of diversifying your traditional investment model via access to the private secondary market
  • Addressing the risk-return tradeoff: Understanding the uniqueness of a deep value-oriented hedged-equity approach
  • Demystifying the skepticisms: Conducting a thorough discussion on the pros and cons of each strategy


  • Kamil Homsi | Founder/CEO | Global Realty Capital
  • Clark Cheng | CIO | Merrimac Corporation
  • Steven A. Gold, CFA| Managing Partner | 3SPOKE
  • Ian Leisegang, CFA| Managing Partner| 3SPOKE



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