Increasing Enrollments, Lowering Costs and Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into Your Institution

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With the demographic shift at the forefront of all institutions, higher ed leaders must push through and find ways to be innovative and invest in the technologies that will ensure they remain competitive. Offering the best programs is key, therefore having an effective academic program evaluation system (PES) can offer an institution many advantages.

Join us in this interactive panel discussion to look at how higher ed leaders from Lone Star College and Troy University are managing all the data, using effective PES strategies and discuss ways in which institutions are being innovative in tough times.

Learning Objectives:

  • A review of what institutions are doing to increase enrollments, margins and DEI
  • What is the formula for calculating the financial upside of closing DEI gaps in enrollment, matriculation, and program choices?
  • A discussion on innovation taking place within Higher Ed
  • A deeper look into the state-of-the-art program evaluation system (PES)


  • Dr. Lee Vardaman Associate Provost for Academic Support at Troy University
  • Dr. Steve Head Chancellor at Lone Star College
  • Dr. Tanjula Petty Assistant Provost of Student Success & Special Initiatives at Alabama State University
  • Robert Gray Atkins CEO and Founder at Gray Associates



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