Innovations In Funding Growth Companies

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Investing in the private market is exciting and can be highly rewarding. Conversely, start-ups that are moving to growth stages often have a difficult decision to make; they need growth capital, but at what cost — be it equity and time, courting investors. Unless funding rounds are open, some of the best opportunities are blocked to good quality investments and investors. However, as the world around us evolves to a post-pandemic era, so Governments and policymakers are forced to consider new ways to maintain and grow the economy, creating novel ways to invest in growth enterprises.

Join us as our expert panel from government, finance and PE and growth companies discuss and elaborate on their experiences across the full lifecycle of investing in the unquoted market.

Key Learning Points:

• Navigating the private market to promote growth and gain returns

• How to avoid poor performers, and get out of them

• Breaking down barriers and innovations in investment growth

• Exiting investment relationships in growth capital with no income or dividends


David Toplas, Chairman and Chief Executive, Saturn Investors

Kamil Homsi, Co-Founder/CEO, GRC Investment Group

Graeme Smith, CEO, Lightpoint Medical

Roderick Beer, Managing Director, UK Business Angels Association



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