Lightening the Load: Reducing Burden for Sponsors, Patients, and Sites with easy protocol changes to incorporate DCT elements.

Available On-Demand.

Despite historic doubts around the possibility of implementing virtual elements into clinical studies, the last two years have shown that performing remote trials is indeed possible and can alleviate burdens placed on sponsors, patients and sites. Moreover, it is easy to adapt existing protocols built for traditional studies to greatly improve efficiencies by incorporating just a few DCT components where they make sense.

Join us for this 60-minute complimentary webinar as industry practitioners from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Keros Therapeutics and Curebase share best practices for implementing decentralised clinical trial (DCT) elements into their studies. Our panel will discuss how they are successfully navigating unclear regulations and blurry standards to design and execute a decentralised trial that ensures approval at the end. We will dive into the various ways to make studies less burdensome for sponsors, sites, and patients through DCT best practices.

Learning Objectives:


Jill Kearney, MBA
Global Operations Head, Oncology Early Development
Janssen Pharmaceutical

Wayne Bowden
Head of Business Development



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