Optimising returns in technology venture capital investments

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In recent years, the Deep-Tech eco-system has rapidly evolved. Venture capital has become even more important to ensure the growth of the most promising companies out there. However, with the number of companies out there, how can you ensure you are focussing on the right team and the right idea for the future?

Join our exclusive webinar as our panel of experts discuss the best approaches to technology venture capital. Understand how best to identify the right teams and companies, to ensure strong returns while nurturing business relationships.

Key Learning Points:

· Best practices for investing in technology with venture capital

· Combatting challenges for investing in AI and Internet of Things

· Providing operational freedom to build businesses, while building a strong investment relationship


Sunil K. Goyal, Managing Director & Fund Manager, YourNest Venture Capital

Vikash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, VAR Capital

Ariel Barack, Co-Founder and Partner, Ordway Selections

Yass Poddar, Chief Investment Officer, Vikas Poddar Single Family Office



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