Optimizing Severity Reporting in the face of the COVID Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has frequently been described as “unprecedented times”. The magnitude of disruption to the global economy and specifically the healthcare industry cannot be ignored. CDI programs/initiatives are not immune, with many staff members being furloughed, or their models and approaches being forced to change.

  • How important are my severity reporting goals in the face of the COVID pandemic?
  • Are my CMI and Capture Rate goals still valid based on this unique patient mix?
  • What is the effect of the CDI team working remotely?
  • When physicians have to focus on the COVID crisis, how low down the totem pole should the CDI initiative get pushed?
  • Should we, and if so, how do we engage physicians in CDI during the global pandemic?

Traditional CDI approaches and analytical methodologies, on their own, will eventually not meet the ever-increasing demand for the accuracy of severity reporting of the patients we care for. During the COVID pandemic, that has become more evident. While there will always be ongoing value in traditional approaches, organizations that are ready to take their programs to the next level and minimize severity reporting disruptions during times of crises like the current pandemic, need to understand the challenges, flaws and limitations in traditional approaches and “go-to” metrics and methodologies. To achieve sustainable results, you need to consider additional approaches and be willing to go beyond comfort zones. Traditional models on their own, if not augmented with strategies that leverage data and address physician accountability, are just not sustainable — not during the pandemic and not in the future.

  • The impact of the COVID patient mix on our traditional severity reporting metrics
  • Limitations of traditional severity reporting metrics and methodologies
  • Engaging physicians during the COVID pandemic
  • How the CDI team can help your organization in the reimbursement recuperation efforts post COVID-19
  • Deanne Wilk Manager CDI at PennState Health
  • Dr Terrance Govender Vice President of Medical Affairs ClinIntell



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