Rethinking, Rebuilding and Rebranding HR

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When people think of their past interactions with “Human Resources”, many do not have good things to say. HR has, in many organizations been stagnant — focused on compliance and rule-setting while being overly administrative and bureaucratic. In a world with greater emphasis on the employee experience, enhancing workplace culture, and increasing employee engagement, many HR teams are faced with overcoming their past reputation as they begin to support businesses in new, more strategic ways.

In response, companies are trying to rebrand HR into something welcoming and approachable. These days you’ll encounter forward-thinking terms like “People Operations”, “Employee Experience”, “Chief Happiness Officer” and more recently, “Chief Heart Officer”.

During this 60-minute online event, these senior HR practitioners will share their own experiences on:

• Rethinking the employee experience, workplace culture and “People” teams

• Evolving into a more strategic business function and how to measure value

• Balancing tactical work while redefining how best to support both employees and the organization through an ever-changing labor market

• Re-evaluating compensation and employee benefit plans to reduce turnover rates and facilitate talent acquisition


Eugene Whitlock, Chief People & Culture Officer / Associate Vice Chancellor — Human Resources, UC Berkeley

Gail Lerch, Former, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, Hawaii Pacific Health

Lauren Winans, CEO and Principal HR Consultant, Next Level Benefits



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