Riding the Tech Wave: Capitalising on Healthcare Automation

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As automation is becoming ubiquitous in the contemporary workplace, the healthcare industry must also embrace this wave of transformation. From remote maintenance to predictive analytics, automation is a necessary next step in achieving higher levels of efficiency and profitability, and as a result, providing a higher quality of care.

Where is automation creating new opportunities in the different functions of healthcare facilities? How can automation cut healthcare facility costs? How can healthcare teams achieve a smooth automation transition? Join the dynamic discussion as we dive into the pressing questions around automation with leading healthcare experts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Exploring how healthcare facilities can transform their processes to achieve higher levels of efficiency and resiliency
  • How to streamline healthcare operations to support your clinical teams
  • Benchmarking automation transformations with leading healthcare leaders
  • Examples of existing healthcare facilities that have improved safety, patient satisfaction and operational efficiency


Heidi Smith
Operations Lead — Digital Mental Health
Healthe Care

Heidi has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly two decades, starting her career in healthcare as a nurse in areas such as palliative, medical rehabilitation, general medical, surgical and general practice. She holds a post-graduate qualification in Health Services Management and is Operations Lead at Healthe Care Specialty Services. With a deep understanding of the clinical aspects of providing patient care, she is able to motivate health professionals to champion new processes and technological advances. She is passionate about operational efficiencies and digital transformation in hospitals and private clinics and provides executive support for services improvement and the development of new online mental health services.

Val Jovevski
Health Segment Director
Schneider Electric

In his current role, Val is responsible for managing the Healthcare Segment within the Pacific Zone. This encompasses strategy, innovation, coaching and developing business solutions for both new and existing Health clients. He has been heavily involved with technological improvements across integrated systems, specialising in the area of mission-critical. Val has a deep and thorough understanding of multiple disciplines within many Hospital services requirements, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulics.

Daniel Garcia Gil
Solution Architect
Schneider Electric

Daniel is the national Healthcare Solution Architect at Schneider Electric, supporting customers in identifying areas of improvement and optimization from the idea generation phase to the completion of the design and proof of concept phase. Daniel has over 12 years of experience in the IT, Data Management and Systems Engineering fields and held several high-profile positions in both Research & Development, Innovation and Engineering sectors in Europe and in Australia. During the last 7 years at Schneider Electric Australia, Daniel has been actively involved in various major Technology Integration Projects within the Healthcare sector nationwide. Across these projects, Daniel has been involved in the design, proof of concept and commissioning of multi-system integration platforms across clinical and facility scopes, including the identification of customer needs, definition of use cases and technology mapping.



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