Savings Opportunities and Incentive Programs to Offset the Cost of Necessary Air Quality Upgrades

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Air quality often gets overlooked when it comes to finalizing the annual budget. However, with the ongoing presence of airborne pathogens and the increased focus on respiratory conditions, healthcare operators find themselves scrambling to find affordable, effective air quality solutions. These upgrades will most likely be mandated in the near future, as well as demanded by the public and regulators. This webinar will focus on key solutions that can quickly and effectively enhance your healthcare property, without breaking the budget.

Join us to discuss:

· Savings opportunities, incentive programs and flexible funding options that allow for retrofitting without any out-of-pocket costs

· Air quality effect on patient outcomes and mitigation, specifically focusing on respiratory illness

· Optimizing additional benefits such as improved patient experience scores, maintaining census and reduction in staff turn-over

· Impacts on the financial viability and marketability of your healthcare property

· Keeping up with the latest state and federal safety mandates

Speaker Panel:

  • Dave Kistel, Vice President of Facilities and Support Services
    Lee Memorial Health System
  • JOHN SATTELMAYER Capital-Facilities/Asset Manager, Columbia Pacific Advisors
  • MIKE SHERMAN, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vanguard Building Solutions



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