Scaling Business Across Regions Through a Proven Multi-Cloud Approach

Available On-Demand.

Join this 60-minute complimentary webinar with Equinix and guest speakers from EasyLend Financial, Mola and Coevolve, where they will discuss challenges faced when fast-growing companies like yours scale IT and network services while enhancing application performance and enabling a truly remote workforce.

Many organizations are migrating from physical infrastructure: embracing hybrid multi-cloud models and digital services to meet their business objectives. This shift, when combined with geographically dispersed employees and customers, has challenged existing networks to be agile, flexible and easier to deploy and manage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Key strategies for building on a Hybrid Multi-Cloud foundation
  • Balancing agility, speed and cost while achieving time-to-market goals
  • Scaling via CAPEX vs. OPEX models


Hugo Nam
EasyLend Financial

CP Lee

Ciaran Roche
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Polson
Principal Solutions Architect



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