Scaling New Heights for Business Agility through Digital Transformation

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Businesses today are in a position where they are compelled to find ways to thrive in a competitive environment fueled by technological advancements. Almost every industry is rapidly evolving and adopting to an agile mindset as a parameter in staying relevant in today’s marketplace.

Digital transformation is no longer seen as an option but a “must-have” element to strive as an organisation. Therefore, digital maturity relies thoroughly on transformative objectives within the business.

Join this exclusive 60-minutes webinar and discover more on transformational tools, techniques, software and advancements for optimum business agility.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why digital transformation is a priority for businesses to thrive?
  • Planning, building and executing a successful digital roadmap
  • Dissecting the pros and cons of adapting to digital transformation and its tools
  • Comprehending the steps, procedures, actions and pitfalls to consider while making decisions on digital transformations strategies


Rohan Liyanage
Signify (Philips Lighting)

Sadrul Khan
Director, Strategic Partnership Team (ANZ, ASEAN and Japan)

Jiten Patil
Head of Enterprise Solutions and Digital Strategy

Marc Flaum



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