Securing a perimeter-less Enterprise

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The pandemic accelerated digital transformation within public and private sectors, leading to quick transformation to ensure existence, forever changing the way we learn, earn, bank, shop and dine. This increases the connectivity between businesses with unsecured systems, leading to higher exposure of cyber-attacks and crime.

The change arising within today’s economy has led towards an increased risk and exponential rise in breaches within the online environment. Organisations can no longer trust users, devices and transactions without high-intensity cyber protection.

Join our dynamic panel conversation that includes expert leaders on digital and physical vulnerabilities and the ideal way to manage cyber-security in a “perimeter-less” and “new normal” enterprise.

Learning Objectives:


Abbas Kudrati
Chief Cyber Security Advisor
Microsoft, Australia

Asaf Ahmad
CISO / Vice President
NSW Fire Brigades / ISACA Sydney Chapter

Rahn Wakeley — moderator
Chief Technology Security Officer (ANZ)



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