See Everything, Do Anything: Mitigating Supply Chain Risk Through Operational Resilience

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COVID, SolarWinds, tech and trade wars, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, the Suez Canal blockage and chip shortages. These are just a handful of the disruptions the world has faced over the last 16 months. As a result procurement and supply chain leaders have stepped up to the plate to be their business’ first line of defence against the biggest threats facing the corporate world. To make their organizations operationally resilient, these stalwarts are driven to map, monitor and model their current and future supply chain down to the Nth tier.

Join this webinar to obtain practical and actionable information necessary to see everything in your supply chain and do anything you need to mitigate the risk.

  • What should we have learned about global supply chain risk over in 2020 and 2021? Is the black swan dead?
  • Establishing a more effective organizational and governance model for vendor risk management in a highly disruptive and increasingly interconnected world
  • Review the technologies, frameworks and politics that enable organizations to cope with high-impact unforeseen contingencies in a way that provides for continuous monitoring of various external risk factors along the global digital supply chain
  • Changes in mindset, cultural shifts and technological advancements necessary to successfully implement operational resilience?
  • Continuously mapping, monitoring and modeling supply chains to have total visibility of risk
  • Shifting vendor risk management into a proactive process, starting at new supplier vetting and onboarding
  • Expansion of the role and responsibilities of supply chain and procurement leaders and the new value they bring to their organizations
  • Leading the charge in business risk mitigation and resilience objectives
  • Challenges ahead for the practical implementation of operational resilience
  • Sri Gopinath Director, Global Procurement Strategy Schneider Electric
  • Jenny Reints Director, Global Sourcing Indirect & Real Estate at Chamberlain Group
  • Joseph Martinez Managing Director/ Chief Procurement Officer at BNY Mellon
  • Greg Holt Director of Procurement Insights at Interos



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