Smarketing: Driving business growth and revenue

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Macaroni and cheese. Bacon and eggs. Sales and marketing.

All of them should make the perfect team. But somewhere along the line, sales and marketing have developed deep-rooted differences that need resolution. This is not a new problem and bringing these two teams together is a must-have to drive revenue in today’s buyer-centric environment.

So, how do you ensure seamless handoffs between marketing and sales, build accountability, gain better visibility and increase productivity? Join us as we delve inside companies Damac Properties, JLL, Contact Centre Company and Freshworks to discover what they are doing to better align their teams to drive business performance.

Learning Objectives:


Malek Jaafreh
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
Contact Centre Company, Saudi Arabia

Simon Ardonceau
Head of Consulting & Business Development

Mukul Sharma
Director of Sales and Marketing
Damac Properties, U.A.E.

Vishal Chopra
Head of Marketing — APAC, MEA



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