Solar Trackers Vs Solar Ground Mount: Does One-Size — Fits All Limit Your Production?

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As projects are urbanising on larger and more challenging sites, leading to potential encounter of an increase in complex geotechnical conditions. The shift within project economics such as ROIs, geographic locations and land space are they key basis decisions behind the rise of single-axis tracking and fixed-tilt system. If a site happens to have one or more of these challenging conditions, then a fixed-tilt solution, or a hybrid tracker and fixed-tilt, might be the most advantageous way to go. However, the key critical consideration will be the increased power production in helping project owners achieves viable results.

Join our expert 60-minutes webinar as solar markets expands, more projects are being developed on less ideal sites, hear from our experts as they delve further on the pros and cons which can assist with balance –of-system.

Here are some key takeaway points:-

· Trackers or Ground Mount Systems: Intriguing factors for investors or project developers

· Understanding the real time benefits with either systems

· Discussing the financial concerns when choosing the right technology

· Larger scheme : Discovering the aspect of a particular technology that leads to a disadvantage in another

· Discussing the development trend of how PV-modules affect Trackers and Fixed Tilt

· Discussing the power generation difference with Trackers and Fixed Tilt mounting with respect to the same land area?


Vincent Chan, Head of International Sales, Clenergy

Jithesh Dev, Head Of Renewable Energy, TTC Group

Warren Lee, Head of Business Development, Jinko Solar



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