The Black Swan is Dead: Mitigating Supply Chain Threats We’ve Ignored for Too Long

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Consider the historic disruptions of the past year and a half (COVID-19, the Solar Winds hack and ongoing trade wars with China). How can you say the “Black Swan is Dead” when there seems to be more of them than ever before? The Answer: Highly disruptive, unpredictable events have become such a regular occurrence that we can no longer be forgiven for not anticipating their impact.

An estimated two-thirds of highly publicized cyber breaches reportedly now occur through the supply chain, and the magnitude of the impact is immeasurable with no predicted endpoint. Real-time visibility into extended supply chains — and full accountability for risk — has become vital for any organization to operate in the current landscape. Within the boardroom, it is now an expectation to understand the end-to-end supplier chain when working with critical vendors.

Over the last year, many corporations became acutely aware of their siloed approach and were forced, by exogenous shocks (COVID-19, Solar Winds, ongoing trade wars) to the supply chain, to determine a new strategy. There are no more excuses….

Learning Objectives:

  • Discussion around the current and emerging types of risk
  • Understand how communicating 3rd party risks with the executive suite and the board has changed over the past 14 months and what reporting is still required
  • Review the technologies, frameworks and politics that enable organizations to cope with high-impact unforeseen contingencies in a way that provides for continuous monitoring of various external risk factors along the global digital supply chain
  • Learn how leadership is utilizing, adapting, standardizing and educating the workforce to both advise them on the cyber challenges faced, but also implement a cultural shift on the pressing need for operational resilience and risk mitigation going forward
  • Preparation for global regulations and understand how compliance needs to be implemented to truly mitigate supply chain cyber security threats


  • Nita Kohli Head of Operational Resilience at Freddie Mac
  • Sujatha Ramesh Global Head Strategic Initiatives Metrics and Third Party Management at Citi
  • Ken Wolckenhauer, CTPRP VP Vendor Management at Nordea
  • Jennifer Bisceglie CEO at Interos




We reflect on some of our best online events and reveal valuable and tangible insights on trending topics across a variety of industries.

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marcus evans online events

marcus evans online events

We reflect on some of our best online events and reveal valuable and tangible insights on trending topics across a variety of industries.

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