The Future of Business: Incorporating AI and Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA) Solutions

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We are all exposed to the fact that the future of work will be greatly impacted by artificial intelligence. AI, when used by an intelligent digital workforce, coupled with hyper-intelligent automation, can bridge conversations between humans and technology systems and provide seamless data, communication and enhanced user- experience.

Join other senior IT executives from ANZ in an engaging and interactive session with leading experts from the industry, ServiceNow and Brillio, discussing new-age digital workflows, low-code, no-code and Intelligent Automation incorporating AI. Explore how you can rapidly scale up your business by adopting enhanced customer impact solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using hyper-intelligent automation to provide truly engaging and interactive experiences for employees and customers
  • Look at business benefits for your organizations around AI and Hyper Intelligent Automation Solutions
  • Understand the need for Personalized User Experience, Uniform and Simplified Interactions across channels, geos and mediums
  • Learn from the success stories and gain competitive advantage by implementing HIA


Halasya Siva Subramania
Head of AI and Automation

Abhinav Bali
Head of Technology — Robotics Automation

Matt Bolton
Senior Director, Alliance and Channels Ecosystem, ANZ

Saurabh Das — moderator
Vice President, Product & Platform Engineering

Webinar hosted and led by Brillio in collaboration with ServiceNow.



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