The investors and asset allocators perspective on using Data, AI and ML to make better investment decisions

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The ability to operate with true intelligence at speed can be the deciding factor in success or failure in the private debt markets. Join us as investment and asset allocator professionals discuss how they are using new AI and ML models to better assess investment opportunities, identify new emerging assets, quantify pre-investment risks and portfolio impacts, and gaining augmented insights about their existing portfolios.

During this complimentary webinar we will delve into the evolving role of data, AI, and ML in private debt markets from the investors and asset allocator’ perspective. We will assess the different strategies that these industry leaders are using to mitigate risk, reduce costs, generate better returns, and deliver products and services more efficiently for clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Best practices: Use of Data, AI and ML in private debt markets
  • Making better investment decisions using advanced technologies and data analytics
  • Understanding how investors and asset allocators assess the challenges faced regarding data management and data quality
  • Bringing operations, data, and technology teams together to mitigate investment risk


  • Rayane Cheniouni Manager Research Solutions — Fixed Income & Alternative Credit at Kempen Capital Management
  • Jovita Razauskaite Portfolio Manager Corporate Debt at NN Investment Partners
  • Renata Radlinska Risk Appetite Manager at NatWest Markets
  • Altin Kadareja CEO at Cardo AI



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