The next wave of R&D gains will come from insights management technology

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The impact of the pandemic reversed a years-long trend of decline in ROI for life science R&D. This momentum is accelerating the adoption of technology and laying the groundwork for further optimization.

But beyond process- and data-oriented technologies are tools designed to prioritize the human element — the voices of patients, investigators, and other key stakeholders. What are the technologies focused on collecting, organizing, and delivering these insights?

Join industry thought leaders as they discuss the emerging technologies that are focusing on the human side of life science, and how some companies are already rethinking how information moves through their organization to deliver insights with strategic and therapeutic impact on patients around the world.

Learning Objectives:

  • The current state of gathering patient insights — what are the challenges?
  • The need for quick and comprehensive uptake of emerging technologies
  • The future of insights gathering for clinical teams — what does human-centric look like?


  • Jennifer Lee, VP, Clinical Operations and Data Management, Elevar Therapeutics
  • Jill Kearney, MBA Global Operations Head, Oncology Early Development at Janssen Pharmaceutical
  • Jay Russak, Sr. Director, Clinical Operations at Keros Therapeutics
  • Allison Kemner, VP of Clinical Science and Operations at Tyra Biosciences
  • Lance Hill, CEO, Within3



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